About Us

My Story..

I started my own skincare brands some few years back when my skin began to react to products with chemicals, additives, and synthetic ingredients. These are common ingredients found in almost all skincare and beauty products.  My husband and daughter also have histories of eczema breakouts and I got fed up with over the counter brands that kept giving side effects. This made me take the bold step to have my own skincare line. I have always appreciated the uniqueness and safety of natural and organic beauty products and since I started producing my own brands, I have fallen more in love with creating natural beauty care products for myself, family and friends. They have all reported amazing results and these feedbacks keep me encouraged to continue and also expand. I finally turned my passion for natural skincare products into a business that produces top notch quality, beautiful, and specially handcrafted personal care products. Kay Pedals was born. est 2019


Kay Pedals soaps are handcrafted in bits, using natural, organic and well preserved locally grown ingredients to make synthetic free ingredients, with additives and preservatives that are safe for your skin. Our other skincare products are produced with equally unique and quality ingredients as our soaps and they are produced to be suitable for very sensitive skins. Each product is created to nourish your body and to keep your mind and soul happy.  

 Doing Our Part

We understand the importance of sustainable energy and environment, and so we emphasise reuse and recycling, even while conducting our business. We use only nature based ingredients, and apply only the appropriate technology. As a leader, I consider it a priority to impact my environment positively and that is why I am picky about the ingredients I use and although not all of our products are currently 100% organic or certified sustainable, we will make further researches and keep looking for the best ingredients with the goals of ensuring preserved quality, healthy environment and providing consumers with goods that are 100% organic and sustainable.