Private Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how we handle information about your visit to our site.

Privacy Policy Privacy and Security Statement

Thanks for reading the Privacy and Security Rules.  is dedicated to protecting our customers’ privacy. This Privacy Statement applies to the Kay Pedals website and is the final decision on all of its information collection, as well as for any and all use of the Kay Pedals websites and services. However, it doesn’t apply to any additional websites, services or products either online or offline. Please go over the Privacy Statement. Kay Pedals is a website for general audiences and it can be used for any and all age groups.

Collection and use of personal information

When customers check out via our Internet shopping cart, our site asks for data it needs in order to put your order through or to be able to contact a customer if we have any questions in regard to an order. If someone chooses to “create an account” we will only retain any info needed to ship and bill via cookies. By doing this, your info will be accessible when coming back to do more shopping. Our site doesn’t retain any credit card data in the system.  Our site collects data on a customer’s actions which doesn’t identify them personally.  The data collected could comprise purchased items, viewed content, as well as how long, what date and what time of day the content was viewed, along  with location info constructed from the IP address. That data is utilized in order to enhance users’ experience on the site. If anyone wishes to instead opt out of being included in that portion of our info collecting, you can download a Chrome browser plug-in available here:

Newsletter offers customers a newsletter via email. Customers automatically get put on this email listing unless they opt out. Customers can decide to opt out anytime they wish via clicking onto an “unsubscribe” link located at the end of the newsletter.

 Website Links: Control Your Personal Information

The site has links which go to other websites. Please be conscious of the fact we aren’t liable for any content or any privacy rules from these additional websites. We thereby encourage site users to be conscious as to when they have left our website. Users should be sure to read the other sites’ privacy rules to see what kinds of personal data is collect


The items in a shopping cart are saved via "cookies." Cookies are a tiny file a website puts onto a customer’s computer’s hard drive. During the shopping trip on the site, “cookies” record the purchases as well as the prices for each item that is put into the shopping cart. A shopping cart wouldn’t be capable of retaining the purchases item without using cookies and your items would disappear if a customer left their shopping cart to do more shopping. Cookies likewise recall the things you add to a shopping cart; therefore they will still be there if you return later to continue shopping. DOESN’T store or retain any sort of personal data in the cookies. Cookies in no shape or form give a website any access to a customer’s computer’s hardware or the software or any type of data on them. We merely generate cookies to be able to retain them in a customer’s shopping cart.

Kay Pedals does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties. can gain access and/or reveal a customer’s personal data if compulsory to do it based on existing laws or regulations, as well as in a good faith trust this type of action is essential for: (a) conforming to the decrees of the law or complying with any type of legal procedure the site or is served’; (b) for protecting and defending property or rights of, to include their website; or (c) to take action in the case of urgent circumstances in order to protect our customers’ personal safety.


Security of Your Personal Information


Kay Pedals is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the personal information you provide on computer systems with limited access that are located in controlled facilities. Kay Pedals use the industry-standard SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, authentication to guarantee the privacy and security of online transactions placed through our website. SSL authentication and 128-bit encryption (scrambling) ensure that your online transaction and credit card information are safe from third-party interception. We do not save credit card information in our system.