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Amber Stone Bundle Set

Amber Stone Bundle Set

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The amber stone represents the era of the scorpio and sagittarius.  It has also been used, historically, as a talisman for courage and self-confidence.  Our Amber Stone Bundle is handcrafted especially for our scorpios and sagittarius. It's crafted with amazing skin care attributes and amazing aroma adding to self confidence. It comes with:

2 bar soaps 3.oz  made from olive oil soap base and organic Jamaican hibiscus flower,

1  Organic Body Lotion (Amber) made with organic African Shea Butter, sweet almond oil and avocado oil etc.

1 exfoliating soap pouch.

1 Personal greeting card

Great gift for any scorpio or sagittarius in you life. They will absolutely appreciate you once they receive it.

Note: greeting card is optional. If you want to send a personal message ..above the (ADD TO CART) button check the box (Add GIFT NOTE) Put the receiver name and your name 



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