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Kay Pedals

Carrot Natural Crafted Bar Soap 4.5oz

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Crafted with care, our 4.5oz Natural Carrot Bar Soap boasts a blend of fresh carrots, nourishing olive and coconut oils, and a medley of other wholesome ingredients sourced straight from nature's bounty. Infused with the warm essence of autumn spice, it exudes a captivating aroma that elevates the bathing experience

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 Ingredients:  Coconut oil, Palm flower, Purified Water,  Carrot Juice, Olive Oil, Autumn Spice Scented Oil Vegetable Glycerin. 



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Carrot Natural Crafted Bar Soap 4.5oz - Kay Pedals, natural soap
Carrot Natural Crafted Bar Soap 4.5oz - Kay Pedals
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